FFF Instructors

Meet the FFF Instructors who are here to help YOU get a great workout. Each our instructors has gone through a multi-phase interview process and thorough training to ensure they are the best coaches for our campers! They will bring the energy, a functional workout, and the knowledge to help modify the workout for any fitness level.

Sam Amado

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Aneesia DEcarvalho

Hello community! My name is Aneesia DeCarvalho. I am a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) educator in the Boston Public School district with a specialty in Environmental Justice. 

My love for fitness peaked after playing college rugby. I had played soccer and basketball my whole life, but rugby inspired a new desire to build strength as I had never before. After graduating with my degree in Environmental Science, I began designing my own fitness plans to maintain my health and build my strength. People around me were inspired by my results so I began helping others starting with my friends and family. 

As I gained a following, I was onboarded as a sponsored athlete for a local sports performance academy known as XPA Mass, where I began to work with coaches and student-athletes from all walks of life. I loved the feeling of being back on a team and pushing myself to new limits. That’s where I began studying exercise science, functional movement, and corrective exercise and I’ve been helping people achieve their wellness goals ever since. 

From students looking to play competitive sports and adults pursuing weight loss or strength to senior wellness and low impact exercise, I love training any and everyone who has a desire and passion to be a better version of themselves. I believe your wellness journey begins with your mind and taking care of your mental health. I emphasize the connection between your nervous system and the musculoskeletal system because everything begins with your mind. 

I believe there is no version of you that you must return to, although we all seem to love the younger version of ourselves, instead, I truly believe we all should love and honor every version of ourselves that has and will grace this Earth. I am honored to be a part of the Free Form Fitness family as a coach, a mentor, and a student and I look forward to helping you reach your goals.

To join my personal fitness community, follow me on Instagram @upliftbyneesi

Kahlea Brown

My name is Kahlea Brown and I’m from Boston and grew up in Everett MA.

In 2014 I moved to Dubai for work and found myself in my apartment gym a lot. Many residents noticed me there and eventually they started coming to me for help and to answer their questions. I was already interested in training so I decided to learn and self-study through NASM

In 2015, upon returning to the States, I took a part-time job and was part of the opening team at Crunch in Medford. 

During my time at Crunch, I finished my personal trainer certification and also received my spin certification through Schwinn. A year later I moved on to the Everett Health and Wellness Center in Everett where I was a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Coordinator and Instructor.  I also started my own fitness business, P.L.A.YFit Lab (Push Lift Accelerate You), which provides residential online, or group fitness wherever it is convenient for the client. We also coordinate and plan fitness events and Fit-Cations. You can also find me at 200RYT.

I love to dance, I enjoy any type of movement and genuinely enjoy helping others, that’s how it all started. Now, about 6 years later, being a personal trainer is so much more. Helping people build overall confidence, teaching people how to move better and feel comfortable in the day to day is my ultimate goal. 

Working out isn’t always fun for everyone but there’s something for everyone and finding what workouts and exercises for you, the individual, is important. I want to see people get stronger physically and mentally and I can’t look forward to helping them reach all of their goals!

Jessica Barstis

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Edgardo Escamilla

My Name is Edgardo I am a certified personal trainer through NASM. I am, and have always been, very passionate about health and fitness.

My favorite aspect of health and fitness is the mental aspect. Pushing yourself to be the best you is a challenge, but it is so rewarding if you stick with it.

I am an avid runner and I plan on doing the Boston marathon in 2021. I also love lifting weights as it helps to keep my body strong, and is a great supplement to my running.

As a personal trainer and instructor at Free Form Fitness, I hope to help my community achieve their goals to realize their full health potential.

Theresa Woelfel (Tree)

I was born and raised in South Boston.  I struggled my whole life with weight issues.  I went to Catholic Grammar School and a Catholic High school.  I played sports growing up – street hockey, basketball and some softball. One day I decided that “I can change this,” that being overweight doesn’t define who you are.

I was determined to make changes. Years went by and I asked myself one day, “What do I love more than anything?”  Training!  So in my mid-thirties that I went back to school and signed up for the National Personal Trainers Institute, where I studied  Strength and Conditioning,  and Anatomy and Physiology and Nutrition. During my studies, I was also able to get my Kettle Bell Certification and TRX Bands certification.   

Besides hanging out with friends, entertaining people, I cherish my family, playing with my fur kids, dog Murph and cat Nearte’.  I also love a good construction project around the house. But there’s nothing that I love more than being a personal trainer. Being a part of someone’s journey towards their best self, and seeing them achieve their goals -, there is no greater feeling in the world.  I always tell my clients, “Results are the best motivation!!! Your biggest obstacle is YOU!”

Everyone has a testimony.  Sharing your story with others can encourage someone to work harder.  It’s all about Encouragement. I like to say Training comes with the 3 D’s…dedication, determination and discipline!  

Jag Singh

I am 100% invested in the success of my clients. I’ve spent years in the trenches, working 1-on-1 with people to develop processes that work for the general population. 

My training philosophy is centered around balance and creating programs that are SPECIFIC to each client’s goals. I bring a breadth of experience as I’ve studied – and have successfully implemented – different fitness modalities to my client’s programs. Everything from CrossFit to powerlifting; bodybuilding to functional strength training; yoga to gymnastics and pilates, and even high-level endurance training (think triathlons and marathons).

Whether your goal is weight loss, stress management or you want to reduce lower back pain and run a marathon, I will create programs and a structure that will get you there without any guesswork.

To learn more about my training philosophy and to join my community of clients, check out my Instagram @coachjag.singh