Coach Rebecca

The journey as a trainer has brought me to one conclusion, ?You cannot heal the body selectively; you must treat it as a whole? Anonymous. Therefore, I specialize in dietary balance of daily living and weight loss, as well as strength and conditioning of the full body. Experience expands into the competitive world of strength and fitness as a Natural Physique Committee (NPC) Bikini Competitor. stepping on stage several times


As a CPT, I focus on detailed program development. I have designed strength and mobility routines for circuit classes up to 30 people down to one on one training for individuals requiring more goal oriented training or clients needing regression throughout their fitness routines. I have held nutritional seminars for basic education as well as designing nutritional programs helping clients reach their weight loss goals. I have used nutrition as a primary tool for competitive body building. My style of training focuses on form by using the Functional Movement System also known as FMS and high levels of intensity. With my training you will understand using the basics in combination with focus and commitment will create optimal goal achievement.